Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crock Pot-Slow Cooker to Dutch Oven Conversion

Did you know you can convert any slow cooker recipe to a Dutch Oven recipe?  Here is a chart to help with the process:

12 hours/Low
3 hours/325° F
10 hours/Low
2 1/2 hours/325° F
8 hours/Low
2 hours/325° F
6 hours/Low
1 1/2 hours/325° F
5 hours/Low
1 hour, 15 min./325° F
4 hours/Low
1 hour/325° F
4 hours/High
2 hours/325° F
3 hours/Low
45 min./325° F
3 hours/High
1 1/2 hours/325° F
2 hours/Low
30 min./325° F
2 hours/High
1 hour/325° F
1 hour/Low
15 min./325° F
1 hour/High
30 min./325° F

And here is the chart for the amount of coals needed to achieve the proper temperature in a 12" dutch oven:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Outdoor Kitchen

I NEED one of these at the cottage & at home!!!!!
Perfect for "dutch oven" or cast iron cooking.

Thanksgiving - October 2013

We spent Thanksgiving at my Brothers camp (cottage) in Dunns Valley, ON.  The weather was spectacular! (a little cool at night)
  It was the "Maiden Voyage of the "EEE".  A very good weekend!

What a cutie!!

You can not hide from me & my camera!

Trash Can Turkey

The turkey...all spiced up & ready to cook

The turkey is in the!

Might as well take advantage of the coals on top & cook other stuff!

Waiting, & cooking............

Turkey is done!
The turkey cooked pretty quick.  It was not the best though.  
It was our first "trash can" turkey, & it was really dry, & had a smoky taste.  
I think we had it too hot & it started to burn in spots inside the can & the smoke had nowhere to go.  
The new Lodge Tripod with lunch on the dutch oven
Love the new tripod!  Every outdoor cook needs one!


Coffee in my PJ's - but it got hot in the sun!

My Dad

My parents camp (cottage) - My favourite place in the world!!!

The camp is on a remote muskeg lake, over a big hill on a road barely passable with a vehicle, 
3 seasons out of 4.  If you want to go in the winter, you need a snowmobile.
It is the only cottage on the lake, & just how we like it.  (quiet)  
Surrounded by towering maples, we tap trees in the spring.  
My husband & I will probably be living here, full time & off the grid as soon as the kids are done highschool.

Somewhere behind Mom is where the Yellowstone will live.

The truck - made it up the cow the cow trail

The back of the camp & the water tower.  Somewhere to the left of the camp is where "Big Ugly" (our 1970's Yellowstone Capri) will have a permanent home.

Showing off the new doors for the sugar shack - nice smile too!

Nice doors Dad!!

My Brothers camp

Our Campsite in front of the big shed/playhouse



+ Scout

Smile - Its not that cold!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Gypsy Wagons (Vardo, or Caravan)

Apparently my obsession is not only with vintage travel trailers, I think it is more of an obsession with anything really cool, with wheels, that I can sleep in!  My latest obsession is with gypsy wagons.  I think I really want one, actually, I want to build one!  Me, by myself, & all decked out in "boho" style & girlie fabrics on the inside, & fancy carvings painted in bright colors & pinstripes & folk art on the outside. Here are some pins of mine:

& now some insides - check out some of these details: