Monday, November 4, 2013

1970's 29' Yellowstone Capri Travel Trailer

We were recently given this big ugly trailer...hence the nickname of "Big Ugly".  The plan is to restore it & give it a permanent home on my parents property, for us to use as a cottage.

The owners of this trailer were going to burn it.  It really stunk!  We (& my parents) saw potential though.

The roof, underbelly & center portion (kitchen area) of the trailer are in really good shape. 

When we tested the fridge, We had all of our fingers & toes crossed, but were not going to hold out breath.

What a bonus to have a perfectly operating fridge & stove!  The kitchen cupboards are in great shape too!

The front wall & rear wall will both have to be replaced, along with part of the side walls.  
The ceiling & floor seem to be in good shape.

Grandpa taped up all of the holes until spring when we can start to work on her

We filled the tires to take her for a 1 hour drive to her winter home.  It was amazing that they are all in good shape!  Also amazing, that the lights all worked!!  Signals,!

This old girl seems to like us!

Friday, November 1, 2013

New (Old) Cast Iron Waffle Iron, made by: James Smart Mfg. Company Brockville Ontario

I am going to restore this baby up as good as new!  Canadian made, "James Smart Mfg. Company, Brockville Ontario" - really old, but I am not sure how old.


This waffle iron was hard to clean.  I sprayed it with oven cleaner 3 times, & let it sit for a couple of days each time.  A whole spray can, emptied.  So, because I ran out, I quit!  I scrubbed with a wire brush, & steel wool.  This is not a perfect restore by any means, but it is better than it was when I got it.  Maybe I will try again someday soon.  Regardless, I can't wait to use it.